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Aqua Adapt swimwear responds to temperature changes. 

So, these color-changing swim trunks turn heads as you hop in and out of the pool! 

How it Works

Our swim shorts have been treated with heat sensitive microcapsules that allow them to change color whenever the surrounding temperature changes

Heat-sensitive color changing swimshorts

 The really cool thing is that they also work the other way around... Just like this:

To make your Aqua Adapt swim shorts change color, get cool! That means splash, jump, or dive into the water and watch what happens.  

As the swim trunks start to dry out and warm up, the original color is revealed again.

 Cherry-blue color changing swimshorts

Does the color changing effect fade over time?

It fully depends on how you use them. Due to exposure to UV light (the sun), the color change effect will decrade over time. There can come a point where the swimshorts no longer changes color. We can not say when this effect ends, it depends on the usage and severity of UV radiation. We expect that the effect will last a full season, based on average usage. 

We can assure you that your swimshorts are still extremely comfortable when they do not change color anymore. The swimshorts will then have one solid color, slighty darker then the warmest color.