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BabyBupp™ Belly Care Band

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Say Bye to Stretch Marks and Pain, Get your Figure Back to Normal in No Time!
  •      Accelerates recovery after child birth 
  •      Designed to fit throughout pregnancy
  •      Can be worn both during and after pregnancy
  •    Grips your skin, equalizing pressure to prevent stretch marks

 What are the 4 bands that the Belly Care Band Include?

Why do doctors recommend?

  • 4 adjustable modes to support you in all trimesters
  • Invisible under Clothes
  • Gets your body looking to how it was before pregnancy

What benefits do the Belly Care Band Offer?

First, you find that walking for long periods of time causes discomfort in your lower back. Which is why the Belly band helps keep weight off your back and prevents damage to the nerves.

During pregnancy, the skin does not have time to adequately stretch to accommodate the rapidly growing baby in the mother’s belly. Only plastic surgery can remove such scars. Therefore, it’s easier to prevent stretch marks than to deal with them after they appear. Our band helps prevents stretch marks before they even start!

Your baby moves a lot in the womb. Even before childbirth, the baby may suddenly roll over, creating a foot, breech, or even lateral presentation. That’s why it’s important to hold the baby in the right position which our band does and makes sure your child does not roll over in the womb.

Most new mothers, regardless of their delivery method, will experience bruising, swelling, tearing, episiotomy stitches, and sore muscles. To maintain and improve the general condition of the body, it is important that you choose the right postpartum band. Wearing a belly band postpartum can be very beneficial, as it provides additional support to the abdomen and lower back, thereby decreasing discomfort.

How does it work?

Lower part

Due to its lower part, the size of the belly band will increase along with your baby. The bottom part allows you to adjust the band up to 30 cm of volume and reliably supports your baby in late pregnancy. It prevents muscle diastasis and contributes to the smooth stretching of your skin. 

Wide main part

After childbirth, the belly band is worn with the wide part to the stomach and the narrow part to the back. Thus, the abdomen and cortex are tightened, the internal organs return to their positions faster, and the skin on the stomach improves. The effect of constant compression (2-3 times) accelerates recovery after childbirth.