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Pet clothes santa claus ride deer outfit

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Christmas gift for your dog and cat

▪ Size Chart

S 14-19inch 10inch
M 18-23inch 12inch
L 22-27inch 16inch
XL 25-31inch 19inch
XXL 30-37inch 23inch

Purpose of pet clothes:

▪ Keeping warm from the cold

Pet clothes is an important and basic function to keep warmth, which is an important reason for the rise of pet clothing, in the cold winter, although pets have body hair can against cold, but after a long period of time with human, pet‘s own body temperature regulation ability has been greatly reduced, it is easy to catch a cold, put on the pet clothes can play a very good warmth effect.

▪ Health and Hygiene

The pet baby has the nature of shedding hair, put on the pet clothes, can avoid the bed and sofa covered with pet’s hair shavings, give the owner more convenience in life cleaning. Female pet dogs will have dripping blood during the physiological period, wear pet physiological pants, so as to protect the health and hygiene of the dog, but also to avoid dirtying the owner’s floor. So more and more people choose to give their pet baby a well-fitting pet clothes

▪ Cute and beautiful

The pet lovers always like to dress their pet baby beautifully, pet clothes is certainly an indispensable ornament, as the saying goes: people rely on clothes, Buddha relies on gold, pet baby is also relying on clothes, put it on fashionable and beautiful clothes, it can immediately become a lovely thing to please the owner. Pet clothes are people’s warm care for their pet, to meet the need for emotional entertainment in people’s lives, breeding an increasingly rich pet clothing culture.


Christmas is the most grand festival of the year, and pets will inevitably put on new costumes. This bright red Santa Claus riding a deer costume is very festive, and your dog will be heroic when wearing it. Let’s greet Christmas with your pets.


This Santa Claus is very petite, wearing a big red dress, a long beard, a signature hat, a new leather shoes,gold-framed glasses,and a happy smile on his face. It rides an elk and is very free.

The material of the clothes is soft and smooth, and the pet is very comfortable to wear

This Santa Claus is very flexible, and his limbs can be changed at will. How handsome do you think his deer-riding posture is?


My dog puts on this special dress and can’t help but look back. I think it should be equipped with a mirror to see how funny it looks now. It’s really interesting.